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Broadcasting Daily from 21 E Row CBR


bar / music room since 2019.


Broadcasting Daily from 21 E Row CBR

DJ OFF IT puts one in before she makes her way out. It's been a pleasure to share this space with a budding poet and lake spotting enthusiast. In the words of General Tzu : "The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long."

Anonymous curator of spotify playlists, Nathan came through and scultured what was one of the most prolific few hours SW has ever witnessed.

Drum lord Micah Heathwood, keeping rhythm behind the booth for two :)

Young head Discobasis, with a few hours of everything, reflective of the youthful distraction and their tok tiks.

Aldi knockoff Frasier Brigz bringing it with a couple of hours of tunes that leaves us questioning everything - but more specifically: "Does anyone read these blurbs?"

One of the OG's of Sideway and Canberra itself took time from his busy schedule to drop in and lay it down for a few. Lock in !

Dive in for a couple of hours of delicate selection from a bright new homegirl of the local scene. Best paired with a succulent chinese bbq from our favourite Dickson eatery.

Having laid down residencies in Melbourne, Amsterdam and Berlin, Lily is an undercover veteran and shining light of the CBR scene. Always fresh, always low end friendly - lock in for two hours of the best.

Chloe has been dazzling heads at festivals and sweat rooms for a number of years, and is a regular in both Canberra and Sydney. She loves sharing new and classic electronic music. Playing a vibrant collection here, focusing on a fun a joyful mix perfect for a sunny arvo.

Genie has been an energetic cornerstone of so many different sub scenes of the Canberra circuit. A keen collaborator with a wildly diverse contribution to so many parts of Canberra. Aside from music, Genie can be found at her new independent nail salon: The Talons Salon - Check It Out

Masha returned to the capital after a lengthy hiatus in Scandinavia to record a special comeback special. Masha was a staple in the Canberra scene back in the early 2010’s. After scraping the Scandes and the concrete jungles of Melbourne Masha brings back home a bouncy mix of house, acid and all that jazz. Bring a towel.

DJ COLDCALL wouldn’t stop bugging us so laying it down with a few chilly reggae numbers is curator and collector at Church: Public Service. Go buy some fashion.

Tsotsi is a regular behind the booth, supporting your local live show or climbing the walls at blochaus. A much loved pillar of the Canberra community, Tsotsi is also an amazing curator and can always be relied on to get things moving. For our inaugural mix - Tsotsi brings a blend of percussive rhythms, r’n’b and everything else we’ve come to love from this amazing spinner.